Are you familiar with the hobby of comping? We’re not talking about the abbreviation that stands for creating accompaniment in the form of chords and other musical elements. No, we’re talking about a hobby that can help you earn cash and/or all kinds of prizes.


What is Comping?

Comping is all about entering competitions with the goal of winning prizes. You have to dedicate time and effort to this endeavor if you’d like to enjoy any results. Just entering competitions here and there won’t win you much. In fact, there’s a higher probability you’ll win something the more competitions you enter.

The types of prizes available are quite varied. You may win a wonderful holiday trip, furnishings for your home, electronics (including smartphones, laptops, etc.) and more. It’s also possible to win cash! What a hobby—what’s not to like?

To enter competitions, you’ll generally need to fill out forms online, send information on a postcard, answering various questions, etc. The requirements as to what you need to do will depend on each competition.

This article includes some tips we’ve put together to help up your chances for winning!


Be Aware: Winning is not Guaranteed

Please be aware that following our tips does not in any way guarantee you’ll win. We’ve put these tips together as a way to help increase the odds you’ll win something. Nothing is for sure. You may win nothing, or you could win a small gift or you could be lucky and win a few bank notes!

Just remember that comping is all about fun and that it’s not at all certain you’ll win anything. It can take quite a bit of work—hours of effort—before you see your first win. But don’t give up—you just never know when your luck will change, and you’ll win the Mother Load of prizes.


Tip #1: Find the Competitions

OK, so now you may be wondering where to find all these competitions. Well, we’ve got that covered. Check out a forum called Competitions Time, where you’ll find a lively forum filled with people who enjoy comping. The comping hobbyists who like to help others find the best competitions.

Get the most use out of this site by using it to track available competitions. Scroll down to the bottom of the forum page and you’ll find text that reads “display options,” which is a drop-list located on the left of the page. Use it to sort the threads according to “thread start time” and make sure it’s set to the beginning and “descending.” This sorting function works to sort the threads in chronological order, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline!

And remember to use page numbers to go back to the oldest entries that are still open. Read through each post and choose the ones that look the most interesting to you. It might be helpful to keep a spreadsheet of the competitions you find. This way, you’ll have all the information in one place, and you can keep track of the competitions you’ve entered, deadlines, the dates you completed the requirements, etc.


Tip #2: Read the Terms and Rules Carefully

Before applying for any competition you may decide to try, be sure to completely read and understand all the terms and rules. Some competitions may limit the number of entries from one household or address, for instance.

Understand the rules will vary from competition to competition. Read them and make sure you understand everything before you get involved.


Tip #3: Keep Spam to a Minimum

Before starting your new comping hobby, create a new email address that will only be used for comping and nothing else. Never signup for a competition using your regular email address. If you do, expect to receive a deluge of spam.

One free option that works well is Gmail. You can find instructions from Google that lead you through the process.

Some competition entry forms may also ask for your mobile number. If you’d rather not give out your real number, then consider buying an inexpensive pay-as-you-go Sim card to be used only for comping.


Tip #4: Fill Out Forms and Enter Answers Fast

We let you know in the beginning that entry forms can take a lot of work and time. To help you save time, use browser plugins that allow you to use separate browser windows at the same time. For example, on entry forms, you can just copy and paste from one browser or document into the browser that’s open to the entry form.

We’ve found two that work great:

  • Chrome: look for an extension called Split Tabs. You’ll find it available in Google’s Chrome Web Store.
  • Mozilla Firefox: search for an add-on called Side View. It’s found in FireFox Add-Ons store.

Tip #5: Another Option to Fill Forms Fast

Keep your contact information and other details for filling out entries in a Word doc. This could include your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. Keep it open as you work; copy and paste the information as you fill out the form.

Back to browsers—check to see if your preferred browser allows you to remember (save) your information and it in for you. When you enter the first letters/numbers, the feature automatically fills in the information.


Tip #6: Create Draft Email Entries

Another way to save time is to create a draft of an email entry that will work on most sites. This can include your details—name, address, etc. Leave a space for the answer, too! You don’t want to forget this bit of required information!


Tip #7: Carefully Read Email Notifications

Some competitions will send an email notification letting you know you’ve won or not. Read all the fine print and every part of the entry to see how and when they will notify you. Then be prepared to read the email—you don’t want to forget to learn you may have won a great vacation or even cash!

Track this information in any way that works for you. Again, a spreadsheet can be a great way to stay on top of comping details.


Just a Reminder: Check Your Spam Folder

Don’t forget to check your spam folder to see if you’ve won something! It’s easy to emails to go astray, even when using a free service such as Gmail. Your email service provider may view the message as spam. So, check out your spam folder—don’t forget!

We hope these tips will help you enjoy the hobby of comping! We wish you much fun…and success, of course!