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There are times when we’re stuck indoors and have to stay there for a time. It may be a snowstorm, rainy and more. If you have a family, it can be difficult to ensure there are fun activities available to keep everyone from becoming grumpy and down!

We’ve put together a list of some fun things to do when you’re stuck inside! Check out these fun activities that could help you and your family pass the time!

1). Plan your next vacation: maybe it’s not possible to travel right now, but that will eventually change. So, why not get busy and plan your next vacation? Check out flights from Jet2holidays, which is the UK’s second largest tour operator. You’ll find great packages for holiday destinations for the entire family!

For instance, check out a sunny vacation in Croatia! This may not be the first thought of where you’d take the family, but many find it a great place to visit beautiful nature, see UNESCO World Heritage sites and more. You’ll find there are many beaches that offer a great place for families. There are also festivals to charm you in this amazing country on the sea.

2). Shopping online: when you’re stuck at home, nothing could be more fun that online shopping. Or maybe you need to get the grocery shopping done but can’t leave home. Then check out online shopping with Tesco! Not only can you shop, but you can even earn cashback on your purchases with their card program. At Tesco, you’ll find everything available for your needs—from fresh fruits and vegetables, to pet food and holiday fun.

3). Shop for wine online: if you need to stay home, then what could be better than some wine to help you pass the time? You’ll enjoy these wines from Majestic. They provide wine, champagne, spirits, beer and more all on one site! They also provide free delivery on orders of £150 or more!

4). Shoe shopping: ladies, what better way to spend time at home than shoe shopping? You’ll be able to shop for the perfect shoes right in your own home! Visit EGO for some beautiful shoes. EGO says they’ll “get you lookin’ & feelin’ fierce”! They offer worldwide shipping and offer the latest in footwear styles. They’ve been around since 2015, and have a great reputation with bloggers, celebrities and magazines.

5). Check your family’s genealogy: what more could be fun than tracing your family’s ancestors back several generations? Give MyHeritage a try! They offer the leading service for family history research and DNA testing. Their DNA test is advanced and affordable—all you need to do is swab the inside of a cheek, send it in for analysis and then get the results. It’s that easy. In addition, you’ll have a chance to learn about your family’s history. For instance, maybe you’ll find that you’re all related to a famous pirate or have royal blood! What could be more fun!

6). Shop for sustainable clothing: do you enjoy buying “green” and environmentally friendly clothing? Then look no further than BAM Bamboo Clothing. Launched back in 2006, they aim to create a brand that puts people and planet first. They offer bamboo clothing, which is a highly sustainable plant. It’s become every more popular because it grows very fast and requires limited resources such as water. Many people find bamboo clothing to be highly comfortable. The fabric is both soft and absorbent. What could be better than shopping for bamboo clothing right from your own home?

7). Shop for a new device: there comes a time when it’s necessary to replace a device, such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Where to turn? Why not try out Acer devices? You’ll find they offer great support for their innovative products. They sell everything from PCs and displays, to projectors, tablets and smartphones. If you need a new device, why not check out Acer today?

8). Order a gift online: when you can’t get out, more often than not a special occasion needs to be recognised, such as a birthday or anniversary. You can buy gifts online and have them sent, so why not check out The Gift Experience? Here, you’ll find the perfect personalised and special gifts your friends and loved ones are sure to cherish. They offer a huge range of personalised and non personalised gifts for you to choose from.

10). Shop for baby’s needs: if you’re an expectant mother or have a shower coming up, then check out JoJo Maman Bebe for just the perfect thing. This retailer is the UK’s leading independent multi-channel baby & nursery retailer. They also sell maternity clothing for expectant moms. You’ll find everything from children’s collections, nursery products baby gifts, toys and more. Everything that a baby could need!

11). Shop for kids’ toys: you and the kids will have a great time (we hope!) shopping for toys online! Be sure to check out The Entertainer, which offers a wide range of toys for kids and even for big kids! Here you can choose to search for a toy, choose the type of toy you’re interested in, search by brand and more. There’s also a link for new offerings sure to please the kids! If you’re on a tight budget, the site also offers a category for toys under £10. The Entertainer also offers some great sales—so be sure to stop by often! You may just find some boredom busters that will be great for the kids when you’re stuck at home!

12). Try out some arts & crafts: if you and your kids love arts and grafts, then be sure to check out Toucan Box. Here, you can choose from boxes that offer themed arts and crafts, which are then sent directly to your door! Not only are these great activities to help everyone have fun, they also help your kids to become more creative and learn. The boxes are perfect for kids from 3-8 years of age. What could be better when you all have to stay indoors?

We hope these ideas will inspire you with some fun activities for when you can’t get out. These are all great ideas for individuals or families! Have fun and pass the time with some creative shopping, vacation planning and more!