Get Paid to Shop Online with Kerching & Win!

We make it fun for you to get paid to shop online! Who are we? We’re glad you asked!

Kerching & Win was launched back in the spring of 2019. The reason for our site is to make online shopping more fun and exciting. We help you earn cash back that can be used to withdraw cashto your bank account! Just for doing your online shopping like normal!

You’ll never find any hidden charges or fees—our site is completely free to use. All you need to do is create a free account on our site, and then shop in order to earn cash back!

When shopping online, you can choose from over 300 retailers to help you earn cash back for money back. Just choose your favourite retailer, then click through to the retailer’s site and shop like normal.

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Why Get Paid to Shop Online?

There are many reasons why you should get paid to shop online! Let’s take a look:

  • Earn money by doing something you normal do online. What could be better than being paid to shop?
  • Shopping online saves time.
  • Shopping online is easier than walking the stores and then checking out with your purchases.
  • You can save money by shopping online, especially when you get paid to shop online!
  • Shopping online is convenient—online retailers’ stores are ready and waiting for you. When you’re ready to shop, any time of the day or night, the online store is available!
  • Earn cash back to exchange for cash

Did we mention you can earn cash to shop? If we did, we’ll just say it again to remind you. This is one of the major benefits! You can get paid for doing something you normally do! What’s not to like?

Why Can I Get Paid for Shopping Online?

Sites that pay you for shopping online are sharing their earnings with you. What does this mean? Remember the link you use to visit the retailer’s store, and then shop? That link is called an affiliate. The retailer offers an affiliate program to Kerching & Win, which lets us earn some money for sending you to the online shopping website of your favourite retailer.

For each purchase you make, we earn a little money back. We share this in the form of cash back that you can redeem for contest entries or save up to redeem for cash. That’s it!

Of course, there are rules you’ll need to follow to earn cash back from each purchase. These are listed in the terms and conditions section for each retailer on our site. That’s important information, because only qualified purchases (that follow the rules listed there) will earn cash back for you.

What Retailers are Listed on Your Site?

You’ll find a wide variety of stores to do your online shopping and earn. Here’s a quick list of the retailers you can find on our site:

  • Tesco
  • Panda London
  • Salter
  • Bam Bamboo Clothing
  • Hallmark Hotels
  • Victoria Plum
  • Best Western
  • Furniture Village
  • And more

As you can see from this list, we feature more than just stores. You’ll find hotels, cruise lines and more in addition to your favourite stores!

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Tips to Get Paid for Shopping Online

Here are some tips to help you get paid for shopping online:

1). Set up a dedicated email address: this is a great way to keep your regular inbox from becoming too full. Create an email address that’s used just for getting paid when you shop online. You can use a free email service such as Gmail, then check your inbox every day for new stores and ways to earn.

2). Clean out the cookies: before searching through the retailers on our site, be sure to clean out the cookies in your browser. This way, the retailer will see recognise that your visit is from our site, and you’ll receive credit for your shopping.

3). Takes time and effort to earn: you won’t get rich quick when you get paid for shopping online. However, with time and effort, you can earn cash back back. It is possible to make some extra cash using this method.

4). Before shopping: look to see if your retailer is part of our program. This way, you’ll earn cash back as you shop online with your favourite retailers!

5). Track your purchases and cash back: it’s always a good idea to track each purchase the cash back you’re supposed to earn. This way, you’ll be able to see when you’ve received credit or not. If not, then just contact our customer service team, and we’ll see if we can find out what happened to the credit. Sometimes cash back are lost; while this is rare, it can happen. If you have the information on where you shopped, how much you spent and the cash back you were supposed to earn, then we’ll have a better chance to track down your cash back and ensure you receive them. To track your purchases and cash back just use a spreadsheet such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Get Paid to Shop Online
Get Paid to Shop Online with Kerching & Win!

Why Choose Us?

Kerching & Win is here to help you get paid for shopping online! We’re dedicated to making this a fun and easy process with our easy-to-use website. Just sign up for a free account on our site and start shopping!

We’ll never charge you for using the site—you don’t have to worry about hidden charges or fees. Just have fun and get paid for shopping online!