• Linda won 2000 Kerching Credits
  • Sarah Won A Nintendo Switch
  • Lee Won £250 M&S Voucher
  • Jessica Won £100 Love2Shop Voucher
  • Andrew Won £500 TUI Voucher
  • Lewis Won £2000 One4All voucher

Cashback sites have been increasingly popular these days. What’s the draw? Why, the cash rewards you can earn, of course! These sites are great for getting cashback from purchases when you click through to make purchases.

You can buy all kinds of products through a cashback site such as Kerching, such as car insurance, mobile phones, pay for broadband and more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to use a cashback site and get the best deals, using expert tips to get more for your efforts. One note—all you’ll need for this is a computer or other device, possibly a PayPal account, and an Internet connection. That’s it!

How to Use a Cashback Site

When you begin searching for cashback sites, you’ll find a wide variety of websites available to help you earn. However, be sure to watch out for differences. Some sites ask for a fee to join, or you may receive a joining bonus. And when it comes to getting cashback, look for how each site pays out. The method of payout vary by site. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to sign up for an account on a cashback site.

1). Choose a cashback site: in order to obtain the most benefits, it is helpful to join more than one site. Once you’ve chosen the sites, be sure to read through all the terms and conditions so you’ll know how each cashback website works. Most sites are free, but some do require a signup fee to join, especially if they offer a premium account. Just make sure to read through everything before you sign up.

2). Search for deals and products: once you’ve signed up, then you’ll be ready to start earning cash back! If there’s a specific product or service you’d like to buy, search the site to see if you can find the item or service to buy from your favorite shopping sites or financial institutions.

3). Click the link: once you’ve found the deal you’d like to earn cash from, then in order to visit the retailer or service provider, just click the link provided by the cashback site. Don’t go directly to the site yourself, or you won’t earn the cashback. You must use the link provided.

One tip: if you’ve visited the retailer’s site in the past, be sure to delete your browser’s internet cookies before clicking the cashback site link. You want to make sure the cashback site is recognized as the site that refers you to the retailer’s site, in order to earn the cashback deal.

4). Complete the purchase: complete your purchase; once this is done, the retailer you used will send the cashback reward to your cashback site. The cashback site will earn its part of the commission, and the rest of the money is put into your bank or PayPal account.

That’s it! The entire process is pretty simple!

How to Earn the Most from Cashback Sites

Here are some tips to help you make the most from cashback sites.

Friend sign up bonus: many sites offer you a bonus for referring friends. You can do this buy sending a message from the cashback site’s referral page. The email will include a link to the site and will contain a referral code that is specific to your account, so you’ll receive the bonus.

Depending on the cashback site’s terms and conditions, you may not earn the bonus until your friends earn a specific amount of cashback. Be sure to remind them to shop once they’ve joined, so they can earn cashback and you’ll receive the friend bonus.

Don’t forget the freebies: Kerching includes offers where you can make money for free. You can earn cashback by completing surveys, signing up for quotes from comparison sites, or even by entering prize draws.

Keep in mind you’ll generally earn less for these offers; however, you can still earn a little cashback when you have a few spare minutes. Those spare minutes can add to additional cashback over time. Every penny counts!

Earn cashback when shopping online: many cashback sites also work with online retailers. For instance, simply visit Kerching and find a retailer to shop with. Once you’ve made your purchase and we’ve verified the transaction, you’ll have credits to spend on prize draws and gift cards.

Get Creative

Remember that cashback sites offer deals for many types of products and services. Depending on the scheme, you could earn larger amounts of cashback by signing up for services. For example, you could earn hundreds of pounds by signing up for a new broadband service or even a new mobile phone contract.

Before buying a service from a provider, look to see they’re part of your cashback site’s programme. This way, you can get the same offer (or a similar) from the service provider you want to use. You may be able to receive a discount on the service while also earning cashback.

You can also earn a lot by booking holiday travel through your cashback site. You’ll find deals on hotel stays, flights, car rentals, travel insurance and more.

Withdraw Funds on a Gift Card

Kerching gives you the option to withdraw the funds you’ve earned via bank transfer or PayPal. However, you can earn more if you choose to withdraw the funds as a gift card with your favourite retailer. This allows you to earn even more on top of your cashback.

When you’re ready to withdraw your funds from Kerching, you’ll see a list of retailers that offer gift cards. You can earn as much as 15% more by withdrawing your cashback as a gift card with your favourite retailer.

Pitfalls of Cashback Sites

  • Cookie trails are important: if you’ve visited a retailer’s site before you use the cashback site to make a purchase, be sure to clean out your browser cookies. The cashback site needs to clearly be recognized as the site that gets credit for your visit. Otherwise, you may not earn the cashback.
  • Cashback site fees: while it’s free to sign up for accounts at many cashback sites, including Kerching, be sure to watch out for sites that charge a fee to join. Or they may offer premium accounts that keep the first £5 you make in a year.

In addition, watch out for other sites that require a large fee when signing up, or that require you earn a large amount of cashback before you can ask for a payout to your bank account.

  • Cashback sites not always the best deal: make sure the deals you purchase are better than what you can find on the retailer’s or service provider’s site. Sometimes you may find a deal where you can purchase a type of insurance for hundreds of pounds and receive back around £50 cashback. However, if you check for better prices, you may find the insurance at a much better price from another provider directly. You may not earn cashback, but you’ll save money buying directly.
  • Track cashback payments: it’s important to track your cashback payments when you request a withdrawal. Payments can take time, sometimes weeks before they reach your account. Make sure to track all incoming payments, because sometimes they fail, get lost, etc. Simply use a spreadsheet to track payments—when you request them and when they finally reach your account.
  • If you notice payments have not made into to your account, be sure to contact the cashback site as soon as possible to alert them to the problem.

We hope this guide helps you earn more from your cashback site—and that you have a good time in the process!