Comping can be a fun once-in-awhile hobby, but there are some people who have made this into a full-time gig! We’ve put together some information to help you learn how to make money comping!


Can You Really Win Big at Comping?

Yes, you can, but you have to take it seriously (don’t forget to have fun, though), and have a system that helps increase the odds you’ll win.


Search for Comps with Google

Google is the most popular search engine in the world—you probably use it on a regular basis, in fact. So, put your research skills to work, using your Google search bar to help find competitions. Use search terms such as “win,” “competition” to find possible prizes and competitions you’d enjoy.

You can also use a site such as Competition Database, which is just that—a database of free-to-enter UK competitions.


Be Choosey about the Competitions You Enter

Look for competitions that offer the types of prizes you would enjoy. In fact, you might consider making a list of the prizes you’d prefer—it could be anything from vouchers, meals, vacations, cash…the sky’s the limit!

Once you have your list created, keep it nearby as a quick reference when searching for competitions. This will help you stay focused on the competitions that only offer the types of prizes you’d like to win.


Search for Local Competitions

Don’t forget to look for local competitions! You’ll find them in free and regional sources such as magazines and newspapers, on the radio and even at the shopping center. One of the best things about these comps—there won’t be as many entrants and you’ll have a better chance of winning something.


Become Active with Other Comping Enthusiasts

It’s fun to be part of a community that enjoys the same hobby, so consider finding and joining a comping community. Not only will you share the fun, but you’ll find others offer assistance, advice, tips and more about comping. Many comping communities also share the news about upcoming competitions, so you’ll won’t miss out on the best comps.

Here are some fun comping communities you might consider joining:

  • Loquax
  • Compers News
  • Money Saving Expert

Enjoy some company as you invest time in your new hobby!


Cookery Competitions

Enjoy creating recipes? Then take photos of your creations and search for cookery competitions. Many of them ask for photos, so be sure to get the best image possible for your entry. Take the time to properly stage the food, make sure you have the right lighting and hold your camera/phone horizontally to fully capture your dish.


Creative Competitions & Slogan Writing

Like to get creative by drawing or painting? Or perhaps you enjoy writing poems. Whatever  your creative talent, search for competitions that will you a reason to indulge. Again, not many people want to take the time and effort for these types of contests, so you may increase the odds of a win.

Another type of competition you might enjoy, if you’re a writer, is slogan writing. Search for comps that let you put your slogan writing to the test and possibly win a nice prize.


Guard Your Privacy and Your Inbox

To avoid spam filling your inbox, consider getting a new email account to be used only for comping. One helpful service is Gmail. You can find instructions for setting up your new email account right from Google.

You’ll also want to guard your privacy by finding the “opt-out” when entering a competition. This could be “hidden” in anywhere, so pay attention to each form and screen you fill out during the entry process.

Also watch for options that allow the competition company to pass your personal information on to third parties. Don’t ever let them pass on your details or expect to be inundated with spam.


Avoid Survey Sites

You’ll find a variety of survey sites that offer compelling competitions; however, it’s best to avoid these. When filling out the survey, expect it to be a long, drawn out process. Rather than winning a prize, you’re more likely to end up with robocalls and spam in your inbox. Not only that, but there will be many more entrants, too.


Always, Always Read the Terms and Rules

Be sure to read the terms and rules before entering a competition. Some comps may limit the number of entries from one address or family, for instance.

You may also find that the competition chooses the winner from a random drawing. Again, the odds of winning are not great, so it’s best to pass these by and look for competitions with better odds.


Get a Smartphone

Many competitions are offered by apps, including Instagram and Blippar. To gain access to these comps, consider investing in an inexpensive smartphone, or see if a family member or a friend have an old one you can use.

Not only will you be able to access these fun apps, but you’ll also be able to comp when you have time. For instance, maybe you’re sitting at the doctor’s office waiting for an appointment. That’s the perfect time to take a few minutes to use toward your comping hobby!


Check Out Block Giveaways

Many people forget that blogs offer some wonderful giveaways! These are generally pretty easy to enter—you won’t have many tasks, so you’ll save some time. Do a search for sweepstakes directories that list blog giveaways, and be sure to ask your new friends from the comping communities!


Enter Competitions Regularly

One of the best things you can do is to make sure you enter competitions regularly. To increase the odds of winning, consider entering up to 10 competitions a day. That may sound like a lot, but in order to win, you’ll need to make a dedicated effort.

Most of the comping enthusiasts who are successful follow this advice themselves, so it really does pay to make comping a regular part of your day.

We hope this information will help you to find the best competitions and, of course, we will you great success in your comping endeavors!