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Welcome to Kerching & Win, we’re a money back site! We offer many ways for you to earn fun free stuff, shop online, earn cashback, find the best discounts, complete surveys and more!

You won’t find any hidden fees or charges for using our site. Its’ always free! All you have to do is create an account, shop online and get your money back!

We promise you’ll never have to pay a fee or find any hidden costs for using our site. It’s always free. You’ll have the choice of over 300 retailers and even earn bonus cash back! All through our fun, easy-to-use website!

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What are Money Back Sites? 

Money back sites, also called cashback websites, pay when you shop through their site. You look for one of your favorite retailers on the site, then click the link provided by the money back site, which takes you to the retailer’s website. From there, just shop online as you normally would.

When you use money back sites strategically, it’s possible to earn money back. However, the key is to use these sites regularly in order to earn cash back.

Here, on Kerching & Win, we pay you cash back for each purchase. The number of cash back earned will depend on the retailer’s offer. For each purchase, you’ll earn cash back, which are then added to your credit balanced in your account with our site.

How Can You Get Paid to Shop Online?

Each money back site has its own rules and conditions, so be sure to always read through these, so you understand what you need to do in order to get cash back. Depending on the offers available on a specific site, you may have the chance anywhere from pennies to several pounds when making a purchase. The amount earning will depend on the money back site and each specific offer.

Remember that link provided by the money back site to the retailer’s shopping site? That link contains information that allows the money back site and the retailer’s site to track your visit. When you make a purchase, the cash you earn is put into your money back site’s account. It may take a few days for the money to show up, as it needs to first be processed.

When the money back finally shows up in your account, you can then withdraw the cash. However, you may be required to first reach a certain balanced before you can withdraw any money. And keep in mind that sometimes it can weeks to months for the cash to show up in your account. This is normal.

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Where Does the Money Come From?

Money back sites earn a commission from the retailer you visit directly through their site. The retailers pay the cashback site for each person who comes and makes a purchase. For instance, if you find a cashback offer for M&S on the money back site, you click the link and make a purchase at M&S.

Once the sale is completed, the retailer pays a certain amount back to the cashback site for sending you to shop. Then the cashback site gives you a portion of the money they’ve received from the retailer.

Retailers do this in order to gain new shoppers, and then reward the money back site for sending those new shoppers. It’s that simple!


Why Hasn’t the Money Shown Up in My Account?

It can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 7 business days for your purchase to show up in your account. While you’re waiting, you may see the purchase is listed as “Pending” in your account. The pending process can take from 28-75 days before you’ll see the cash back awarded in your account.

If you don’t see your purchase pending after 7 business days, then be sure to contact our Customer Service team. They’ll review your purchase to see what’s going on. If possible, please include a full screenshot of your order details, too. We’ll then look into the matter for you and let you know what we find out.

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Why Choose Us?

Because we make it easy and fun to earn and win! Just make your online purchases, like normal, and earn free cash back. Then use the cash back for daily draws, receive vouchers for discounts with your favorite online shops and more.

It only takes a few minutes to earn. When you have some free time, visit our site and do some shopping. Watch the cash back you’ve earned build up in your free account! Use the cash back any way you’d like. You can use cash back to go on shopping sprees, drawing competitions to win prizes and more. How much fun is that?

We make it quick and easy to earn money back or win prizes every day! And we want you to have a great time while you’re on the site, too, as you earn money back!