Shop and Get Money Back with Kerching & Win!

You’ve heard about shopping and getting money back, but is this the real deal? Can you really shop online and get money back?

We’re here with a resounding, “YES!” It’s possible to enjoy shopping online and then get money back with our site! But first, we’ll share a little information about who we are.

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Who is Kerching & Win?

We were launched back in the spring of 2019, and our goal was to make online shopping for you and our other site visitors. To make this an even more exciting experience, we decided it would be great to help you earn money back from your online purchases!

Our website is geared to make it fun and easy to shop online with your favourite retailers. You can earn money back, without worrying about hidden costs or fees. All you have to do is create a free account on our site, shop online like normal, and then earn cash back!

How Does Shop and Get Money Back Work?

It’s easy and fun! Just create a free account on our site. We’re serious—this is completely free and you’ll never have to pay any hidden costs. We promise.

After creating your account, then go over to our View Retailers page, where all you have to do is find your favourite retailer, then click through to their site and shop just as you normally do. With each purchase you’ll earn some cash back. This cash back will show up in your account on our site, adding up over time.

When you have enough cash back you can withdraw it to your bank account.

What are Money Back Sites?

Money back websites are sites where you can earn cash back by spending money. You could think of these websites as shopping portals, where you can earn cash back for each purchase you make. In fact, the more you spend, the more you can earn!

How Can You Get Paid to Get Shop and Get Money Back?

These sites usually work by providing you with a webpage of retailers. You can search through the retailers until you find one you like. Next, you’ll have to click a button that takes you to information about the retailer. At this point, you’re still usually on the money back site’s page. On the retailer’s information page, you’ll find another button. Clicking on this button will take you from the money back site directly through to the retailer’s website.

The button you click to visit the retailer’s site is actually a certain type of a link, which is called an affiliate link. Each time you use that link (or others provided on the money back site) to do your shopping, the money back site receives a small payment from the retailer for sending you to their site.

In addition, the link gives the retailer a way to track your purchases. When you make a purchase, the retailer sends a small payment to the money back site. They share this with you, by giving you cash back for your purchase. The number of cash back will depend on how much you’ve spent. Then, when you reach a certain threshold of cash back, you can request a payout in cash for your cash back. The money back site then sends this payout to your PayPal or other payment account.

That’s all there is to it!

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Why Use Money Back Sites?

There are many benefits to using money back sites for your online shopping. For one thing, it’s a great way to earn a little money back on each purchase. While you won’t get rich, this is a great way to actually save money. The money you get back is like using a voucher or buying during a sale. Think of it this way, when you make an online purchase, you save a few pence or pounds with each purchase. That’s like putting money in your pocket.

Sure, it takes times to earn cash back and to reach the payout. Even so, the money you get back is worth the time and effort.


What Happens When I Cancel an Order? Do I Still Earn Cash back?

Unfortunately, no. If you choose to return, exchange or cancel a portion or all of the purchase, you will not receive credit for that purchase. We can’t give you cash back for something that has been cancelled or returned.

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How Long Does It Take for Cash back to Show Up?

Once you’ve made a purchase, it can take from 30 minutes up to 7 business days for the purchase to appear in your account as “Pending.” After the purchase is pending, it may take between 28 to 75 days (from the date of purchase) for cash back to show up in your account.

If you don’t see a purchase you’ve made pending after 7 business days, then we ask that you please contact our Customer Service team to review the purchase. It’s also helpful if you can share a screenshot of your order details. Then they’ll have the information needed to research the issue.

We’re here to help you if there’s any question about cash back that haven’t shown up in your account.


We Want You to Have Fun While You Earn

Our goal is to make our site easy and fun to earn cash back and money back. And you never have to worry about hidden fees or costs—our site is always free to use!

Kerching provides you with many fun ways to earn cash back to earn money back! Take some time each day and have fun earning cash back for your online shopping!