• Susan won 2500 Kerching Credits
  • Rebecca Won £2000 TUI Voucher
  • James Won £250 Tesco Voucher
  • Alex Won £100 Restaurant choice voucher
  • Donna Won £150 Nando’s Voucher
  • Lewis Won £2000 One4All voucher

Shopping online is fun, fast, easy and secure—but did you know it’s possible to save money and time with a few online shopping hacks? While it’s easy and fun, shopping online can also lead to purchases that don’t fulfill the site descriptions, the sizing can be off on clothing, etc. However, with a few hacks, you can make sure to save money and find the best products without all the stress of shopping in a real store!

1). Buy Between Tuesday and Thursday: Some of the best deals are found between Tuesdays and Thursday! Not only that, but many retailers send their discount code out on these days. So, schedule your online shopping forays for these days to find the best deals and save the most money on your purchases.

2). Use Your Credit Card: why? Because credit cards are usually refunded faster than debit cards. This way, you’ll receive your refund faster and won’t have to worry about checking your bank account to see if the refund has come through or not.

3). Sleep on your purchases: online shopping makes it easy to buy on impulse. This can be bad for your budget and your wallet. Instead, fill up your virtual shopping cart, and then leave it overnight. Not only will this save you from impulse buying, but you may just find a nice discount in your email inbox the next day!

4). Haggle: try chatting with the online chat sales rep for a better deal. Be polite and see if they may be able to help you get a better price. The discount may be in the form of a promo code or you may be able to make the purchase directly through the chat rep. Give it try—all they can say is, “No!”

5). Use Amazon Filler Item Finder: many times, your shopping cart total may come up short when it comes to meeting the minimum purchase price to receive free shipping. This is where the Amazon Filler Item Finder comes in to play. Type in the amount you need to reach the minimum shipping fee, then let the filler finder go to work searching for products with prices to help you meet the minimum amount need for free shipping.

6). Use discounted gift cards: here’s another creative way to make shopping fast and save you money. Look for sites that sell gift cards such as CardYard. The site allows users to sell their gift cards or vouchers for cash. You can buy these same cards, which retain their original value, and use them to make purchases at your favorite store. You’ll save money and have that beautiful sweater you’ve been eyeing online!

7). Pay attention to sizing and model stats: be sure to read the details included on a retailer’s site when it comes to buying clothes. For instance, some sites will give the model’s height and the sizing of a specific piece of clothing. Perhaps you’re interested in buying a skirt, but you are short and petite. See if the model’s height is listed, or check for the skirt length to make sure the item will fit you correctly. If the skirt is a maxi on the model, you’ll know it will be too long for you. Check the sizing to make sure the item will fit, then you won’t have to deal with sending items back and/or be stuck with things you can wear or use.

8). Clean your inbox: a clean inbox will help you spot deals and discounts from your favorite sites faster. Use a service such as CleanFox to get rid of the clutter in your inbox. It’s safe, fast and easy to use. You can clean your emails directly through their site or their convenient app (available for Android at the Google Play store and for Apple devices on the App Store). This service will clean out old newsletters and more.

9). Filtered results & a specific inbox folder: once your inbox is cleaned out, then use your email service’s filters to put all emails from your favorite retailers into a folder. Use this folder only for shopping and tracking discounts.

10). Use social media: social channels have become a popular way to for retailers to connect with their customers. In fact, retailers sometimes offer exclusive discounts and other deals only via their social media channels. To take advantage, be sure to follow your favorite shops and stores via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

11). Promote your favorite brands and shops: on the other side of the social media coin, retailers sometimes offer exclusive deals and discounts to customers who promote them on social media! So, promote your favorite brands and retailers and you might just get some discounts, etc. Make sure you don’t over do it when it comes to promotion. Other people following you will soon tire of these “ads” and stop following you. There may also be specific rules you’ll have to be aware of before doing any type of promotion. Be sure to read the TOS before trying this method, so you don’t end up kicked off your favorite social media streams.

12). Use PriceBlink: this is a fun, instant way to save money and find the prices online. PriceBlink offers a browser plugin that works when you’re shopping online. The plugin is easy to install an works on Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. It automatically alerts you to coupons, voucher codes, products reviews and more for the site you’re on or the product you’d like to buy. Not only that, but they help you to find the best price available online! It’s free and easy to use—so give it a try!

13). Collect in store: to save on delivery fees, choose to collect your purchases at the store. Many stores offer this as a free service, so you can avoid paying shipping fees.

14). Shop around: many times, the product you’d like to purchase is available from several online retailers. This is great—it gives you the opportunity to do a price comparison before making your purchase. You’ll find the best deal and may also find a good price with free delivery, etc.

15). Sign up for insider programs and rewards: many retailers offer benefits exclusively to their members. So, be sure to sign up for newsletters, etc. to receive advance notice of sales, receive exclusive discounts and deals, etc.

We hope these online shopping hacks help to save you time and money, while also bringing a little fun and creativity to your online shopping experience!