• Linda won 2000 Kerching Credits
  • Sarah Won A Nintendo Switch
  • Lee Won £250 M&S Voucher
  • Jessica Won £100 Love2Shop Voucher
  • Andrew Won £500 TUI Voucher
  • Lewis Won £2000 One4All voucher

Where Can I Get Cash Back?

Where Can I Get Cashback?

Kerching and Win is one of the best sites in the UK where you can get cash back. You’ll have a fun time as you earn by:

  • Shopping online
  • Completing short surveys
  • Taking advantage of offers & discounts

We’re similar to other cashback sites, but we’re sure you’ll have more fun with us! Plus we offer more ways to earn, spend, and loads of benefits!

Who We Are

Launched in the Spring of 2019, our intention has been to make online shopping more fun and exciting! Here, at Kerching, we make it simple for you to enter over 10 prize draws just by doing your normal online shopping.

You’ll never find any fee for using the site, hidden charges, etc. Just create an account—it’s free and easy. Once your account is open, all you have to do is start shopping and enter to win one of ten prizes at any one time!

Here’s what you can expect on our site:

  • No fees or hidden charges—ever
  • Choice of over 10 prize draws
  • Over 300 retailers to choose from
  • Earn bonus credits

How Does It Work?

It’s free an easy to set up an account and staring using our site! Just follow these easy steps:

1). Create your free account by signing up with your name and email address. Once you’re signed up, just look for one of your favourite retailers.

2). Next, start shopping! Just click through to your chosen retailer and shop as you would normally. You’ll earn credits as you make purchases.

3). Choose your draw! The credits you’ve earned will be applied for each purchase. Then all you have to do is choose which prize draw you’d like to enter.

4). Cross your fingers and wait! When the prize draw ends, you’ll receive an email letting you know if you’ve won. Just login to your Kerching account to find out if you won!

That’s all there is to using the site! Just sign up for a free account, shop and earn credits, choose your draw and then wait to see if you’ve won! What could be easier or more exciting!

where can I get cashback?
get cashback online

How to Get Cash Back with Kerching and Win?

Once you’ve created your free account with Kerching, then you can sign into your account, and then you’ll be taken to your account dashboard. To get started, visit our “Get Started” webpage. To earn credits, shop online as you normally do. It’s all free, and the number of credits you earn is based on how much you spend. The more you spend during your online shopping spree, the more credits you’ll earn.

Another way to earn credits is to review our featured offers & discounts. You’ll earn credits for each offer and discount you take.

You can also complete fun short surveys to earn credits. The surveys are simple and short, so it doesn’t take much time. If you have a few spare minutes, come onto the site and review the surveys available. Complete a survey and earn credits—it’s that simple. One key to earning more credits is to make sure your profile is completed as much as possible. The more information in your survey, the more relevant surveys will be offered to you each day. And be sure to give a quality response. Answers that are nonsense, contain swear words, or are not high quality are detected on the site. If this is the case, the survey will be terminated, and you won’t earn any credits.

You can even earn bonus credits on Kerching in the following ways:

  • Like our Facebook page: earn two free credits by liking our page
  • Refer friends to our fun cash back site: you’ll earn free credits every time one of your friends becomes involved
  • Leave a review of Kerching
  • Savvy shopping—watch for limited time bonuses and featured retailers to earn even more!

Once you have earned some credits, you can then spend them by entering prize drawings, where you have the chance to win prizes every day. You can also trade your credits for gift vouchers with your favourite retailers.

Kerching provides you with many fun options to earn credits for cash back! Spend a little time on the site each day and earn credits for your online shopping and more!

Why Choose Us?

We make it simple to earn and win! Shop online as you normally do and earn free credits. You can use the credits to choose a daily draw competition, get vouchers for your favorite retailers and more.

Earn when you have a few minutes to spare, and then accumulate credits to use on shopping sprees, prize draws and more! It’s that easy and that much fun.

You’ll find it’s a quick and easy way to make extra money and earn great prizes each day. We’re here to make sure you have a good time and find your favorite retailers, too!


Instead of Cash Back, How Else Can I Spend my Credits?

Rather than earning cash back, you can also spend your credits on prize draws. We offer:

  • Daily prize draws
  • Weekly prize draws
  • Monthly prize draws

To find the prize draws available when you’re online, visit our Prize Draw page, and then select one of the buttons (listed above). There may not be a daily prize draw each day, but you will find a number of competitions available under the weekly and monthly prize draw categories.

Click on the prize draw, and then review what contests are available. Choose the contest you’re interested in and read about the prize draw. You’ll find how many credits are needed for that specific prize draw, when it ends, and how many entries have been submitted. You can choose the number of entries you’d like and then you’ll be shown how many credits are needed. It’s that easy!

You can also spend credits on vouchers with your favorite retailers. Just visit our Vouchers page, and choose a retailer. Click on the retailer, then read how the voucher can be used with that specific retailer. You can buy more than one voucher, as long as you have enough credits. On the page, you’ll see how many credits are needed to buy one voucher. That’s it—very fast and simple!


Does it Cost Anything to Use This Site?

No, we never charge you a fee to use the site and you’ll never have to pay a fee. Our cash back site is always free for you to use!